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Teeth Straightening Solutions for Kids and Adults

Our aligners for teens are easy to use, comfortable, and nearly invisible.

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Do you have misaligned teeth and are dreaming of a straighter smile? Or is your child showing signs of crooked teeth, and you want to correct the issue while they’re still young? Beach Cities Orthodontics is here to help.

At your initial consultation, we examine your mouth, take images, and discuss your goals and needs to recommend a treatment that works for you! You see, straightening your teeth doesn’t have to be complex with multiple options for your family’s lifestyle and budget.

Our orthodontic services address:

  • Crowding

  • Irregular spacing

  • Gaps

  • Diastemas

  • Bite problems

  • And more

A great smile radiates great vibes, so schedule your initial orthodontic exam in Torrance, CA (it’s on us).

Our Orthodontic Services in South Bay

Discover high-quality orthodontics.

Everyone deserves a straight, beautiful smile that promotes better confidence and comfort. While no smile is alike, our orthodontists at Beach Cities Orthodontics customize each treatment plan.

Read on to learn more about your options.

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What to Expect at Beach Cities Orthodontics

Thorough treatments designed with your comfort in mind.

  • Meet our friendly team and receive an office tour

  • Receive an initial exam and discuss your concerns

  • Undergo easy, mess-free impressions with the iTero handheld scanner
    (this also allows for more accurate digital treatment planning)

  • Explore your treatment options and learn about our modern technology

  • Understand your treatment plan and payment options

  • Choose the best system for your needs and begin treatment

Hear from Real Parents & Patients

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‘‘Dr. Sinclair and his friendly team are all professional, experienced, honest, and caring. We 100% trust them. My two kids are so lucky to have them for their braces. They’ve always kept the appointments on time. We feel they’re full of positive energy everywhere and anytime in their clean and welcoming clinic.’’

- M. H.

FAQ about Orthodontic Services

  • What is orthodontics?

    Orthodontics is the field of dentistry that specializes in diagnosing, preventing, and treating dental and facial irregularities (AKA malocclusion).

    Our specialists have extra years of education and training to design straighter smiles and utilize corrective appliances like braces or aligners to achieve your desired results. By bringing the teeth, lips, and jaw into proper alignment, we can achieve a proper facial balance that enhances beauty, confidence, and overall quality of life.

    Beach Cities Orthodontics is dedicated to providing our South Bay community with the highest quality treatments using the simplest and most conservative approach to meet your needs.

  • How do I know if my child needs orthodontic treatment?

    It’s usually difficult for parents to determine if orthodontic correction is necessary because some problems may exist even if the front teeth appear straight. Alternatively, some issues may look complex or intimidating but resolve on their own or with little intervention.

    The best way to find out if your child requires intervention or braces is to schedule an initial exam at our Torrance, CA practice. Your first exam is free, and we’ll answer all of your questions. So please schedule a visit today.

  • How early should kids see an orthodontist?

    The American Association of OrthodontistsThe American Association of Orthodontists website(open in new window) recommends your child receive an evaluation by the age of seven. That’s when signs of issues like abnormal teeth and jaw development become apparent.

    We’ll evaluate the mouth, advise if treatment or monitoring is necessary, and help you understand your options. Early detection, prevention, and intervention promote happy, healthy smiles for life.

  • What causes orthodontic problems?

    Most malocclusions are inherited while others are acquired.

    A few examples of inherited problems include crowded teeth, irregular spacing, extra teeth, naturally missing teeth, and discrepancies in the face, teeth, and jaws.

    Some examples of acquired problems include misalignment caused by thumb or finger sucking, premature tooth loss, airway obstruction, dental disease, and trauma. These issues affect not only teeth alignment but also facial development and appearance.

  • Do braces hurt?

    Putting your braces on will not hurt. Once your teeth start to shift, there is some soreness, but it does go away.

    We’ll recommend the best ways to minimize any mild discomfort. You can eat soft foods if that helps, but the discomfort is temporary.

  • How long will treatment take? When will I get my braces off?

    Each teeth straightening plan is custom-crafted for optimal results and comfort. Our team can give you an estimated treatment time, and our goal is to finish within that time.

    As long as you follow all instructions, we’ll stay within that time range. Please remember that the journey to a straight smile is a team effort.

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